What is Energy Star Certification Anyway?

Many of our Customers ask for Energy Star Certification to be built into the cost of their home.  It is surprising, however, how many of them are really not sure just what Energy Star Certification is, and what the advantages are.


As a very simplified definition, Energy Star is a program designed to ensure that a home is at least 15% more energy efficient than a home that is built to the minimum standards of the International Building Code.  This energy efficiency is obtained in several different ways, but the main two ways are through the reduction of air flow into and out of the house (the building envelope), and through greater efficiency of the HVAC system. 


A third party will inspect the home at different intervals during the construction, and at the end of construction, the third party rater will create a set of documents that will show the overall efficiency of the home.  This documentation is sent to the government agency that oversees the Energy Star program, and if the documentation meets their approval, a certificate will be issued.  A sticker will be entered in the home’s breaker box to show that the home is certified as an Energy Star home.


Not only can the home owner enjoy a great deal of energy savings over the life of the home, but in many areas, the electricity provider offers a discount off the normal energy rate for the life of the home.