Custom Homes of Asheville - Our Process

Whether you have built many times before or this is your first new home we will strive to make this the best experience possible.

Your first consideration is your builder. Hopefully it’s us, but you may be trying to decide between several. You need to have confidence in the capability, credentials and credibility of your contractor.

There have been many newcomers to this area and some of them want to build your home! Building in the mountains is not the same as building in Florida or Ohio and experience building in Western North Carolina is important.

A quick checklist of things to know about your contactor should include:

  • Years in business in WNC, what other names have they used?
  • How many homes have they built here
  • References ( are they available for every home they have built?)
  • Who is the General Contractor and will he personally supervise the project, being on site?

Next, consider your financing.  If you are not planning on paying cash…get pre-qualified at a bank or mortgage broker. We can recommend several if you like. The pre-qualification process is quick and will help you establish a working budget.

Make sure you are comfortable with the results. It is your money and your future.

Get your paperwork together:

Gather together all documentation regarding your land such as a copy of the plat or survey, any permits already issued, deed covenants & restrictions, etc

Gather your thoughts about your home, plans, pictures etc. Visit our plan & Spec Page

Then give us a call.

If you are in town, we can schedule your visit to our Design Center, homes in process and your home site.

If you are out of town, we can arrange to get your information, review it with you, and visit your site. All in advance of your visit.

We will share with you everything needed to proceed. We will give you a copy of our construction contract and good faith estimates. When we have finalized your plans and specs we will give you a total price …no surprises, it is locked in!

When you tell us to start, we will give you a projected schedule and keep you up to date either with project pictures or visits.