Some folks come to us with full sets of architectural plans. Others bring a napkin sketch  or simply an “idea”. We have built lots of homes over the years and the plans you see on this page are a dozen of those. No matter what stage you are at, we can help.

There are three major criteria that we look at when designing or reviewing plans.

  1. Your Lifestyle…if your house doesn’t fit your needs it won’t ever be a comfortable home. We will work with you to get the layout, dimensions and specifics understood and translated to your plans. We will gather basic information from you in conversation and with a questionnaire format and then “try it on” with preliminary drawings and alternatives.
  2. Your Budget…..we can build anything you want but many times there are budgetary concerns. We will look at a variety of materials and products to maximize the look and feel you want and show you their impact on your budget. Or goal is not to inflate your budget and expense but to work closely with you so your money is spent wisely
  3. Your Land……Not every design works well on every piece of land. We will visit your site and make an evaluation of both the costs associated with building on it as well as the suitability of the designs you may be considering.

We won’t be rushing you through this process but you won’t be waiting on us either. We work at your pace. You will find we are very accessible and anxious to help. In fact, call us now if you have a question…828-645-0506 or 828-254-2535.

We want this to be an enjoyable experience. Expect a lot of questions and great results!


There are lots of ways to “spec” a house and many of them you can find on other websites. But we don’t take a  “one size fits all” approach.

When we get to know you, your site and your plans, we will work up custom specifications to fit your custom home. Sure, we will have recommendations and suggestions but it is your home!

We will look at structure and finish both inside and out


We live in one of the most beautiful parts of our country and recognize the importance of sustainability and stewardship. We are members of the Green Building Council and build Energy Star Rated and NC Healthy Built Homes.

While we strongly promote the use of green products, we also recognize that there are “shades of green” and not every product or technique is right for every application. We will help you through this maze with practical solutions.